The FamilyCord secure storage facility is specially designed to ensure maximum protection for your cord blood stem cells from earthquake, fire, flood, and loss of power.

Our state-of-the-art facility also features security and identification technology to protect our clients’ privacy.

Safety Systems

  • An emergency generator provides fully independent back-up power in case of any power failure. This ensures that our facility remains active and protected – even in case of a city-wide blackout.
  • 6,000 gallon liquid nitrogen tank provides a constant supply of freezing agent to specimens. If our nitrogen supply is interrupted, our system can maintain safe levels of nitrogen for several weeks without refilling.


Magnetic Locks

  • All exterior doors are secured and protected 24 hours a day by custom fit magnetic locks. No one can access the building without a coded pass card.
  • Interior zones (including the cryogenic storage area) are protected by additional magnetic doors also requiring a coded pass card for entry.

Video Surveillance

  • All public access is monitored by mounted cameras fed directly to the reception desks. No one is admitted without visual confirmation by a receptionist.
  • Cameras provide 100% coverage of our parking lot. A digital video recorder stores over six months of motion-sensor activated recordings.

Burglar Alarm

  • The building is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our building is monitored by security systems via door, window, and interior motion sensors.
  • Once the alarm is tripped, the police are automatically notified. Response times are under 5 minutes.

Fire Safety and Suppression

Fire Monitoring

  • The system is the same one used by hospitals, department stores and high-rise buildings.
  • 31 individual smoke detectors monitor the building’s duct system, automatically shutting down all dampers in the event of smoke or a fire.
  • Remote access via the Internet allows off-site monitoring of all systems and alarms.

Traditional Sprinkler System

  • Heat-sensitive sprinkler heads every 10 feet.
  • Activated by smoke or heat, the system pumps enough water to extinguish a fire covering an entire city block.

Dry Chemical Suppression System

  • Installed by Fire Protection Services to monitor and protect the digital records/server room.
  • State-of-the-art technology uses a dry chemical fire suppressant to protect all digitally stored information and materials without any water dispersal.
  • Operates both independently and in unison with the sprinkler system. Sprinkler system still acts as a back-up in case of catastrophic or life-threatening damage control.

Reinforced Structural Integrity

  • The entire building has been seismically retrofitted and reinforced in accordance with updated safety requirements approaching “Essential” building qualifications (hospitals, fire departments, and police stations).
  • This is 50% greater than is required but the current Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety codes.