We put great care into all we do

When you enroll with FamilyCord, you receive your very own personal Cord Blood Educator, a superior collection kit, photo verification of stem cell growth, and payment plans that work for you.

Protection for your investment

FamilyCord’s patented collection kit provides protection against severe heat and cold, an FDA-approved blood collection bag, and a reinforced case to shield against breakage.

Our collection kit stays temperature controlled significantly longer than other leading cord banks. This assures safe transport of your baby’s stem cells to our laboratory.


Guided by Scientific Expertise

We take the time to get the highest quality and quantity of treatment ready umbilical stem cells. We then send you a photo certificate of the verified growth of your baby’s cells. 

When a new collection comes in, we follow that baby’s cord processing from beginning to end. We think of all of them as our babies.


Quality Doesn’t Have to Cost More

FamilyCord allows for discounts and payment plans to be used together to make cord banking available to all families. We have plans as low as $47 a month!

It’s important to me that all expectant parents understand the benefits of umbilical cord banking. No matter which company they ultimately choose, banking their baby’s stem cells could have a significant impact on their family’s future.


Discover the benefits of banking with FamilyCord:

Benefits of Cord Banking

Lives Today
Over 35,000

Cord Blood treats over 80
different diseases
Bank on
the Future
Stem cells are being investigated in FDA-regulated clinical trials. Your baby’s generation may experience the reality of a treatment for heart disease, Parkinson’s
and much more.
Blood & Tissue
are Powerful
Research suggests when stem cells from blood and tissue are combined it may help improve transplant success.
Your child’s cord stem cells are a perfect genetic match for them and may be a match for a sibling or other family member.

What our Clients are Saying

We chose FamilyCord because the customer service representative that we worked with was friendlier, more knowledgeable and personable than anyone at any of the other cord blood banks we spoke with. He treated us as if we were not just another "client" but a friend. He knew who we were each time we called and was easy to talk to and guided us through our child's cord blood banking process with ease.


From Vermont

When we found out we were having a baby, we knew we wanted to bank her cord blood because we want to know we had done everything possible to hopefully be able to find cures for some of the ailments that our kids may encounter. Our doctor recommended FamilyCord for their reliability and reasonable rates. We researched and found this to be the case, so we banked Elizabeth's blood with them and are thankful for the peace of mind that it gives us.


From Texas

When we first found out I was pregnant, one of the first conversations we had was what cord blood bank we would use. In our search, we came across FamilyCord's competitive fees and ease in the storage process. We received the most personal of service by having just one cord blood educator walk us through the entire process to ensure we were thoroughly informed and satisfied with the service. She was our contact from beginning to end. From my first conversation to the day we went to the hospital with our kit in tow, we knew we made the right decision. Thank you FamilyCord for being here for us now and in the event we ever need you in the future.


From California

We Made the Whole Thing Easy


Use our online form or walk through the entire process over the phone with one of our Cord Blood Educators.

Pack Your Kit

Bring the collection kit we send you to your delivery day and your doctor will handle the collection.

Call For Pickup

After your delivery, our medical courier can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Peace of Mind

You’ll receive a certificate of storage for cord blood and a photo certificate of stem cell growth when storing tissue.

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