FamilyCord ViaCord CBR
Accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks for Somatic Cells (Cord Tissue)
FDA Registered Laboratory/FDA Approved Blood Bag AABB Accredited Cord Blood Facility
Rating with Better Business Bureau A+
A+ A+
CordTissuePlus with Photo of MSCs
Collection Kit with 10+ hours Thermal Stability
Cord Tissue Processing Type TR TR FS
TR = Treatment Ready
FS = Frozen Segments
Successful Transplants
Physician Operated with Transplant Physician Medical Director
Payment plans as low as $47/month for CordBlood or $78/month for both CordBlood & CordTissuePLUS
FamilyCord 永生公司 脐带血注册表
公司 直营
直营 直营
美国血库会 AABB 脐带血和脐带双证
脐带储存证书注明细胞总数, 胞活性和细胞增生图片, 医生可直接使用
经 ISO 7 认证的净室处理环境
TR = 即可用于治疗
FS = 冷冻组织段
采用液态 CPD 采集最大量干细胞, 脐带血储存证书列有造血干 CD34+ 数量
美国境内公司分部点 7
1 2
液态氮提供温度较稳定和长期的储存环境 液态氮
气态氮 气态氮

Chart updated as of August 2017 from company websites