Step-by-Step Overview

FamilyCord has extensive experience in clinical laboratory management, cord blood banking, cord tissue services and long-term cryogenic storage. We undertake rigorous processes to ensure the best possible preservation of your stem cells. However, the process is easy for you. Here are your three easy steps to our cord blood banking and cord tissue services:

  • 1. ENROLLFamilyCord Phone Registration - Cord Blood and Cord Tissue
  • Enrolling with FamilyCord is simple. Call a Cord Blood Educator at 888-828-2673 or fill out our online enrollment form. Although same-day enrollments are usually possible, we recommend that you enroll at least 4 weeks before your due date. A $50 deposit is due at the time of enrollment. You will receive your FamilyCord Collection Kit soon after you enroll. No other payment is due until after your baby’s stem cells are processed. Keep the collection kit with your personal items you will bring to the hospital. This kit contains everything that your health care provider will need for the safe and simple collection.

    Click here for an easy-to-use calculator and payment information.

    2. COLLECT your baby’s cord blood and cord tissueFamilyCord Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Collection Kit

  • Your health care provider will collect your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue after the birth of your baby. Collecting cord blood and cord tissue will only take a few minutes. After collection, your health care provider will label the bag and place it in our state-of-the-art collection kit. If any assistance is needed by you or your health care provider, call our pager at 877-788-2673 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). A Cord Blood Educator will return your call promptly.
  • 3. CALL MEDICAL COURIER for shipment to our facility  
  • After the safe and simple collection process, your health care provider will return the kit to you.The kit should remain at room temperature while it is with you in the hospital. Our medical courier can be called any time, day or night. For your convenience, our toll-free number 888-804-2673 is printed on the collection kit. A medical courier is able to pick up the collection kit at your hospital room 7 days a week. Soon after the pickup, the courier will notify us that your collection kit is en route to our laboratory. Once it reaches our laboratory, your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue will be tested, processed, and then stored. FamilyCord will contact you by phone after the unit is stored to inform you of the status of your baby’s stem cells. Additionally, a confirmation letter will be sent to you within one week of processing, and a complete report with a certificate of storage will be sent within 4 to 6 weeks.