Processing Excellence

FamilyCord was founded by physicians and is committed to the highest standards of technical excellence and proven methods. We use red cell depletion and plasma reduction to isolate the solution containing the stem cells found in cord blood. FamilyCord’s processing results for Total Nucleated Cells (TNC) and CD34+ cells compare favorably with published cord blood data. Our experienced laboratory staff processes each cord blood unit individually in order to achieve the best possible results.

is a proprietary method of tissue processing that includes isolation of the stem cells and storage in a dual-chamber bag. Tissue processing is done in a clean room environment to ensure sterility. Additionally, a quality control step is performed on cord tissue samples to verify cellular growth.

Superior Storage

CordBlood and CordTissuePLUS units are stored in dual-chamber bags with a heat-sealed overwrap that provides an added barrier against cross-contamination. FamilyCord stores all stem cells in treatment-ready solutions and uses cryogenic bags (rather than vials), because they are most commonly used by stem cell transplant physicians. Our FDA-approved bag is specifically designed for cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen and future cellular growth. The dual-chamber configuration allows clients to take full advantage of Regenerative Medicine by allowing for more than one stem cell treatment.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

FamilyCord’s Los Angeles and Indianapolis cryogenic storage facilities are specially designed to ensure maximum protection for your stem cells from earthquake, fire, flood, and loss of power. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature 24/7 monitoring, fire suppression systems, restricted keycard access, emergency generators, and back-up liquid nitrogen to ensure that we provide your family with the ultimate safety and security.

FamilyCord Storage Tanks