FamilyCord Introduces FamilyCord Spain

FamilyCord, a subsidiary of California Cryobank, today announced the launch of FamilyCord Spain. FamilyCord Spain will allow patients of both private and public hospitals in Madrid, Andalucía and Castilla y León to store valuable cord blood stem cells for their new babies. All Spanish cord blood units will be processed and stored at FamilyCord’s state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, California.
“People all over the world are rapidly becoming more aware of the clinical benefits of cord blood stem cells.” says Richard Jennings, President of FamilyCord. “We are extremely excited to offer families in Spain a cost-effective way to easily and safely store their children’s cord blood stem cells in the Unites States.”
In the US, FamilyCord continues to redefine and improve the scientific standards for the cord blood banking industry. “As more and more families continue to take advantage of cord blood banking, it is imperative that we as an industry do everything we can to protect that investment,” says Jennings. “There is no substitute for scientifically superior collection, processing, and storage.”

One major advantage to storing a Spanish child’s stem cells in the US with FamilyCord Spain is the ability to access FDA approved clinical trials. Cord blood cannot be imported into the U.S. if the bank processing and storing the stem cells does not meet FDA requirements. Currently, U.S. is the top country for stem cell research followed by Japan, India, United Kingdom and Australia.

Founded in 1997, FamilyCord is registered with the FDA and accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks). FamilyCord is a world leader in cord blood banking and regularly releases units within the US for stem cell transplant therapies.

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