Liquid Citrate Phosphate Dextrose

FamilyCord collection bags utilize liquid Citrate Phosphate Dextrose solution (CPD). We never use any form of Heparin given its history of drug recalls. During collection of cord blood, the FDA recommends that you use only citrate-based anti-coagulants.1

CD34+ Cell Count When Collection with CPD GraphAmerican Society of Hematology Abstract, 2009 Publication #4227: Cord Blood Units Collected with Liquid CPD Appear to Contain Significantly More Nucleated and CD34+ Cells Than Units Collected with Dry Heparin.2

The FamilyCord kit utilizes a gravity flow bag to maximize cord blood collection. The gravity method results in a larger volume of cord blood stem cells.

Processing and storage technology at FamilyCord provides protection against cross-contamination. We utilize the FDA approved, dual-compartment cryogenic storage bag that provides increased safety by adding another barrier to cross-contaminants with its additional heat-sealed over wrap.

FamilyCord Cord Blood Collection KitFamilyCord features a patented state-of-the-art collection kit to protect your baby's precious cord blood.

  • Temperature stabilizers provide 10 hours of protection against severe heat and cold - most kits offer 30 minutes
  • Reinforced case and protective inner tubes provide the ultimate protection against breakage
  • FDA-approved blood collection bag included in our OSHA-compliant kit