FamilyCord Client Testimonials

Why Did You Choose FamilyCord?

Elizabeth from Michigan
Elizabeth from Michigan"Olivia was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 6 months old. Thanks to FamilyCord we were able to use her cord blood for an experimental research study at Duke University Hospital. FamilyCord assisted our family throughout the entire process and managed the clinical details of the transfer. They even followed up with us to see how Olivia was doing after the procedure. The decision to store our baby's cord blood was right for our family and we would do it again with FamilyCord if the opportunity arises!"

Kaitlyn from California
Kaitlyn from California"When it comes to protecting the most important parts of our lives, there can be no substitute for the best. We looked at many different options for banking and read tons of reviews, FamilyCord was rated one of the best and our experience with them has proved the reviews correct. They couldn't have made the process any easier for us. Easy collection, easy financing and most of all, peace of mind!"

Andrea from Florida
Andrea from Florida"We've done extensive research and are convinced that we made the right choice in FamilyCord for our child who was born in August 2010. We are pleased with the Customer Service and A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Seeing that the laboratory is AABB accredited, FDA registered, and CLIA certified played a huge part in our decision. Thank you!"

Jane from Alabama
Jane from Alabama"My husband was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia when I was 6 months pregnant with Addie. We looked at every cord blood service available, and FamilyCord had the friendliest and most helpful staff. They helped us find ways to pay for the services and they even called to check on my husband's recovery! I would recommend FamilyCord to any family. It is reassuring to know that we have the cord blood in case we ever need it!"

Jane from California
Jane from California"We chose FamilyCord for our little girl because of your strong and amazing history of industry leadership. The quick response and helpfulness from the whole team made it so easy! Thanks again."

Alicia from Mississippi
Alicia from Mississippi"We chose FamilyCord because we value the precious things in life…our family, our little boy, and his health. FamilyCord doesn't spend millions in advertising. Instead, they keep their prices low by relying on word of mouth. That makes good sense to me, a working mom who only wants the best for my family."

Leslie from California
Leslie from California"Your service was extremely professional, efficient, and affordable. Even though our family doesn't have a history of disease, it is very comforting to know that our child's cord blood is safely stored in your facility."